CDK Day 2020 Rewind

CDK Day took place on 30th September 2020, if you missed it - where were you? Luckily we recorded the whole event and now have every talk here for your easy viewing

Stay Informed For 2021

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Ongoing Discussions

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Individual Videos

If you would rather watch one specific video than watch the larger video, that's ok. We have broken it up and re-uploaded them


Hear Elad Ben-Israel from AWS tell the origin story of the CDK

cdk8s The How and The Why

Matt Bonig gives a demo of how you can use cdk8s to generate Kubernetes manifests


Tatenda Gibson gives us an introduction to AWS CDK for those who are about to get started

Introducing Projen

Elad Ben-Israel comes back to show us his latest creation, Projen - a CDK for config

CyberArk - Our SaaS Journey With CDK

Ran Isenberg from CyberArk tells us how they are using CDK in a large enterprise

AppSync with CDK

Nader Dabit shows us how to build real time backends on AWS with AppSync and CDK

AWS CDK and FedRAMP Compliance

Julia Jacobs shows us how she used AWS CDK to meed FedRAMP compliance

Lunchtime Panel

We took a break from sessions to just have a chat. Pancakes even made an appearance

Get Started With CDK for Terraform

Charles McLaughlin shows us how to get started with CDK for Terraform and Python

Mix and Match AWS CDK, CDKTF and CDK8s

Sebastian Korfmann shows us how to combine the different CDKs into one project

AWS Config with CDK

Chitranjali Edpuganti walks us through a live demo of AWS Config with CDK

Moving from CFT to CDK

Andrew Nguyen teaches us how to migrate an existing cloudformation template to CDK

Serverless IoT - Greengrass, Ansible and CDK

Luca Bianchi builds a full stack IoT solution on screen with plenty of the theory

CDK Pipelines - Multi Account/Region

Thorsten Höger does a live demo of the new CDK Pipelines feature with Multi Region

CDK in a Large Enterprise

Mat Jovanovic tells the good, the bad and the ugly of CDK in a large enterprise

CDK for Azure

Andreas Heumaier shows off an open source project to bring CDK to Azure

Meet Stacks aka Pancakes

We are very excited to have an official CDK Day mascot, an Otter so obessed with stacks they only eat food that comes in stack form. Their official name is Stacks but all their friends call them Pancakes (and everyone is their friend).

Where did Pancakes come from? Well we started with several votes on which animal to choose followed by a vote on the name which came together as the below image with Matthew Dorrian and Clea Allen in this tweet


We are delighted to have a global group of speakers covering topics across AWS CDK, CDK8s and CDK for Terraform.

The Organising Committee

The group who came together to make this happen are from all across the globe and work for several different companies