How To Watch CDK Day

We will have two tracks kicking off at 2pm UTC, both on YouTube as separate streams. You need to check the schedule further down this page to know which stream you want to watch at which time but here are both streams embedded to make them easy to find:

Track 1

Track 2

Interacting With Other Attendees

There are three ways to engage with the community:

  • 1. Join the slack where there are two channels "cdkday-track1" and "cdkday-track2". Use these channels to chat via text about what is on screen in each track.
  • 2. Join our room which can act as a hallway allowing attendees to chat through voice and video like an in person event. (No mobile support yet, sorry). The guest password is "pancakes"
  • 3. Follow and interact with @cdkday on Twitter

Instructions for using


This time we are running two parallel YouTube streams so that we can cram even more CDK goodness into a shorter overall event. We staggered the streams so that everyone can join for our opening and closing talks. The date and time shown below has been localised by sessionize to your time zone, on the off chance you think it is wrong the event kicks off at 2pm UTC on 30th April 2021.